Kids Party

Pizza party food on the go

Pizza party food on the go

Kids party

Pizza party fun for all with everybody gathered around the table mixing it up with fresh ingredients and lots of encouragement to experiment with new tastes and flavours.

Beware!!! it will be messy, the flour gets everywhere and we mean everywhere!

Roll your own dough, prepare toppings for the pizzas, learn how to spin and throw pizza bases , then cook a pizza in our wood fired pizza oven before sitting round the table to enjoy your freshly cooked creation.

We are happy to provide cakes, drinks, dips and salads if required although generally we find that the pizza and a cold drink is enough to keep them occupied and full and anyway who wants any of those healthy greens at a pizza party?

The wood fired oven is trailer mounted so we can cook for your pizza party anywhere. This could be your courtyard, garden or even the front drive! As long as we can get a car there we can get the trailer there.

The kids will have great fun getting mucky and making the pizza of their choice ( within reason!!)

Be assured that the dough rolling and cooking in the 350 deg oven will be fully supervised.

You should plan to set aside a couple of hours for your pizza party. We will arrive a couple of hours before the party as it takes this long for the oven to warm up to the cooking temperature of 350 degs.

Woody’s mom, a recent customer said

” I used Pizza Heaven for my son’s 8th birthday party. Everybody loved it! The children had fun being creative, making their own style pizza’s and then got the chance to use the dough rolling machine and throw the dough bases in the air (this was a real hit!) Ian and Karen were really friendly and accommodating to the demands of a big group of 8 year olds! They even cooked the adults a pizza with the leftover dough! Lots of fun and delicious- would definitely recommend.” 6th Feb 2016

If you are interested in discussing our pizza party ideas then please just email us with the a couple of details and we will call or email back so we can have a chat and discuss your specific needs